Aneska: Violence makes me feel comfortable

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Bandung, September 8th 2016


Hi readers, today I wanna share to you a case which happenned in early months of 2016. Suddenly that time I found a video about Aneska in dr. Phil show on youtube. And I was shocked and amazed when I watched that video. Can’t believe a little girl like Aneska, 12 years old, has that kind of character. This topic is very interesting. If you want to watch the video, you can search: Aneska in dr. Phil.

This is the video link:

I think Aneska is a very beautiful girl & has strong character, but maybe she acts in wrong way, lets check it out…

Melanie and Dave (Aneska’s parents) say the last nine years have been a living hell, and they’re at their wits’ end trying to find out what’s at the root of their 12-year-old daughter’s explosive rage. They say their daughter Aneska at first, seems cute as a button, charismatic and sweet, but that her behavior is explosively violent and terrifying.

They claim Aneska has threatened to kill her mother, choked her sister, kicked her brother in stomach, stolen her mother’s credit card, stalked and threatened the vice principal at her school, assaulted various adults and recently set fire to a comforter in their garage. They also say she has bludgeoned the pet hamster to death with a flashlight, and twisted the necks of baby birds and squeezed their guts out.

Aneska says she’s not the problem, everyone else is. She says she gets physical when frustrated, annoyed or mad, and there are times when she feels like someone else is in control of her body. Aneska admits she uses her charm and flutters her eyelashes to get what she wants, but she says most of the time, her life is a very stressful, terrible, hell.

What’s at the root of Aneska’s explosive rage? Her parents say Aneska’s been hospitalized 17 times, and that her lack of emotion and remorse has them fearing they are raising a severely mentally disturbed child.

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This article below is full dialog from the video of Aneska in dr. Phil show:

Melanie and Dave say the last nine years have been a living hell, and they are at their wits’ end when it comes to dealing with their daughter, Aneska.

“Our 12-year-old daughter, Aneska, looks very cute and innocent, but she holds our family in a constant state of crisis,” Aneska’s mother, Melanie, says. “[She] is explosive, violent and aggressive. She lies, she steals and she doesn’t respect authority.

Her parents claim Aneska has threatened to kill her mother, choked her sister, kicked her brother, stolen her mother’s credit card, threatened the vice principal at her school and recently set fire to a comforter in their garage.

“I’m having to keep an eye on Aneska all the time … She’s uncontrollable. Very volatile,” her father, Dave, says.

They say Aneska also bludgeoned the family’s pet hamster to death with a flashlight when she was 6, and killed a nest of baby birds by squeezing each one to death with her bare hands when she was 7.

Melanie says she was in the room when Aneska killed the hamster, but had no idea what her daughter was doing.

“When she was doing that, I didn’t realize she was doing it because she was happy,” Melanie explains. “I was peaking in on her and I didn’t know she had the hamster … She was happy. I bent down to play peek-a-boo with her and I noticed Kleenex everywhere, and I went over to see what was going on, and the hamster was covered by the Kleenex.”

As for killing the baby birds, Melanie says her daughter said the voices in her head told her to do it.

According to Melanie, they first noticed a change in Aneska’s behavior after they say she fell off of her tricycle when she was 3 years old, landing on her face.

“She had chipped a tooth, her face was swollen and she was bleeding,” Melanie says. “Aneska was taken to the hospital, and she had a quick examination by a doctor, and we were told to take her home. About a week later, we noticed a change in Aneska’s personality.”

“It was like somebody had flipped a switch,” her father adds. “Aneska was a totally different child.”

Since then, Melanie and Dave say her behavior has gotten worse with each passing year. They have taken her to several different doctors, and they say that Aneska has been on more than 35 different medications. They also say they have admitted her to an adolescent treatment center nearly 20 times.

“To this day, nothing has worked,” Melanie explains. “If Aneska continues down this path, Aneska will either be dead or in jail.”

How does Aneska describe her actions?

My behavior is pretty bad,” the child says. “On a scale of a 1 to 10, I would think my anger would be 10.”

Melanie and Dave say they are afraid of what Aneska might do to her three younger siblings.

“My other kids are terrified of their sister. Everybody walks on egg shells, for good reason,” Dave explains.

Following one of her recent outbursts toward her brothers and sisters, Aneska drew a picture of her siblings in graves, while she stood over them with an object in her hand.

“If my brothers and my sisters do something annoying, they’re in big trouble. I’ll hurt them. I’ll threaten,” Aneska says. “One time, they made me really angry and I chased my siblings around with a knife.

Aneska also says she used to hear voices in her head, which told her to do things, and when she gets really upset, she says she doesn’t always remember what she does.

Violence makes me feel comfortable,” Aneska adds. “It’s just a bad situation.”

Well readers, it’s interesting. Isn’t it? I’m so speechless about Aneska. What I wanna do if I meet her, I think I will hug her (I hope she is not gonna punch me. lol). I think Aneska is not that bad, maybe she just looks for some attentions from people, or maybe she just needs people to love her. I don’t know, I’m not a psychiater. I only think that Aneska is a very special girl. Doctors and psychiaters should help her to through it, to heal her soul, to doctrine her thoughts (I mean for her moral), to love her, to stick around with her, to play around with her, be her bestfriend & do something fun with her. But as Aneska’s parents said, that they feel afraid and worried, I’m sure the strangers/people/Aneska’s friends feel afraid too. But I hope there will be a friend of Aneska who will think that Aneska is a wonderful girl and should be happy (instead of angry. lol).

What can I say for Aneska is “I love you Aneska, be patient, give smile to people, let them love you, and be happy. Hugs!”

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