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Gresik, East Java, December 27th 2016. 


Hi readers, on my blog before I shared an article about “how to deal with negative people”. Today I’m sharing you an article from another blog that I follow about the strategies to deal with toxic people. Actually negative people and toxic people are similar. Both are same. Negative people bring toxic to our lives, that’s why we call them toxic people. 

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Being around toxic people has a negative impact on us, Especially if it’s a co-worker,family member or spouse. Without these difficult relationships I wouldn’t know the appropriate way to approach them without conflict. But, What defines a toxic person? I actually don’t think the person is toxic but more of their attitude and behavior toward our relationship is toxic. Common behavior includes:

  • Causing drama in their lives or surrounded bystanders.
  • Using others only when it benefits them.
  • Manipulating people.
  • Overly judgemental of people.
  • Belittling everyone.

It’s important to realize that we all play a role in interacting with toxic people, We’ll either diffuse the situation or add more fuel to the fire.You only control you, Trying to change others is near impossible. The only thing we can do is provide support or learn to forgive them for their behavior.

It’s crucial to notice the signs of you being affected by a toxic person, If you can’t define the effect it is having on your mind and body it will be difficult to stop.

Here’s some of the signs if you have a toxic person effecting your life:

  • You feel bad/ashamed.
  • Your more emotional than before.
  • Your Exhausted/Angry easily.
  • You rather be alone than with loved ones.

So what can you do to stop this toxic person? I have to admit it isn’t easy. However, with hardwork and dedication it can be done. Here are some of the strategies I use while dealing with a toxic person.

Don’t Explain Yourself | You don’t need to justify yourself, Saying the word No is a strong response on its own. You don’t need to make excuses or explain yourself to someone whose goal is to misunderstand you. If you simply just can do it, Say no and walk away to avoid confrontation.

Have Control | You don’t have to participate in arguments that you get invited into. Creating conflict is the number one thing a toxic person loves to do, It makes them feel noticed and important, Don’t react to them – it’s called being mature. Learning control saves you energy for something that truly matters.
Practice Sympathy | Being understanding and compassionate of a persons situation helps build the toxic relationship up. We don’t know why this person behaves this way, We can still be respectful without the unnecessary comments. Everyone has something positive about themselves, Find out what their is and see if a positive conversation starts from there.

Honest Chat | Rise above the situation. Try connecting with them in a sensitive way, If you can reach a place where you can pull them to the side and have a chat – then do it. Find something that can have that person talking, And change the subject to something related. If it doesn’t work, Avoid an argument. Remember rise above.

Forgive Them | If you have exhausted all your options to try to help the situation, Wipe your hands of the situation and move on. Forgiveness does not mean you accept their behavior, It simply mean your not going to try to help them change their bad mood. It’s about inner strength. Walking away knowing you tried is all you need. 

Set Boundaries | You weren’t born to please people, And toxic people are twice as hard to please which makes you want to try harder, compromise more and trying harder to keep the peace. No longer tolerate their mess. Trust your judgement even if everyone thinks it’s right or wrong!

You deserve to be around people that makes you happy and feel uplifted, who support and encourage you and directs you towards your goals. Never settle for less than you deserve.


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