A Lost Friendship

Bandung, February 22nd 2017

Hi readers, I was wondering about losing my soulmates. I lost 3 of my soulmates, 1. was SOM in 2008, 2. was LS in 2013, 3. was LN in 2016. Actually we were very bestfriends for each other, very close and fond each other. But we had so much ego and had conflict, love but hate, hate but fond, fond but lost, lost but lonely. Then I found a poem from another blog that I follow. Maybe it shows how I feel about losing my soulmates.


I walk through the road we have now abandoned, 

The torn posters on the grey walls, the memories remain stranded,

Through love clad eyes, I once again see,

Those musings we had, how happy we used to be,

Our laughter rang through the meadows, like the sea cheering in glory,

But sand has slipped through gaps between our fingers, looks like time was in a hurry!

I wish for a wishing star, will we again love and laugh? 

Those moments are long gone, but I guess we’ll find each other soon enough,

You are there, but I am here, both are tranced with worldly pleasure, 

That picture that we had once taken , singed, but I still treasure, 

Like a cherry on the top, will our story be,

Pages unturned, but the chapters sing a plea,

So if you still smile, whenever you think of me,

Know that I’ll know, wherever in this world, I might be!


A Lost Friendship (poem) – http://wp.me/p6NnN4-3b 

© thegirlonthego08 2016 

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