I find myself caged, a confinement that can’t be broken,

I stare deep into the mirror, but hit a blank wall painted as black as a raven;

The noise gets louder and louder in the quietness of my mind,

So many heads around, but I’m trapped in a solitude that’s one of a kind;

As I delve deeper and deeper into the ocean of my thoughts,

I keep going places, wandering over lands with myriad cultures, lush grass covering all the spots;

A child keeps laughing, playing with a broken toy,

How happy he looks, the innocence of ignorance even God can’t destroy; 

Funny how these visions reflect the very rudiments of my cognition, 

As I stand on a ledge over the grandeur of my subtle imagination; 

Is there another soul dawdling through this realm uncouth, but real?

I hear echoes from far and near, so many voices that I cannot deal!

‘There’s light in the end of the tunnel’, they always say,

But to the blind, light is a luxury they can’t afford to pay!

By the caravan of thoughts they can travel as far as they plea,

To the lands of chaotic pleasure, away from this insanity. 


© thegirlonthego08 2017

Thoughts (A Poem) – 

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