Aspiration by Tom Burkin

England, April 12th 2017

​10:46 pm
Do these thoughts of evil actions,

Resonate from a past violence,

Or are they merely a reflection

Of exploring the true depths

Of human consciousness
Does the desire to do good

Come from a place of light

Or merely the hope of redemption

Of what has come before

That you fear to come again
Is it true that what makes a man

Is both darkness and light

Love, hate, fear, hope

And all that’s in between

Or is that just an aspiration
When you feel indestructible

As the Earth itself

When you feel as vulnerable

As a newborn

Is there a difference, actually?
For we are all but perfect humans

Capable of the highest

Certainly the lowest

Where do we draw the line

As to who deserves forgiveness

Instagram: naomiindahsari
Facebook: Naomi Indah Sari


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