Delusion by Tom Burkin

England, May 27th 2016

​There’s no way to know for sure

Reality, imagination, something more

There’s no way to know for sure

Who or why to believe any more
If I told you a lie

Would you believe me?

If I nursed you the truth

Would you try to see through me?
If I screened you an illusion

Would you notice my delusion?

If I show you my mind’s eye

Would it just seem a false high?
If I bared myself, naked and alone

Would the vulnerability perturb you?

If my demons were allowed to run amok

Would their actions disturb you?
Do you think we could ever truly understand

Each other, you and me, you and I?

Do you think we can find the common ground

To find a way we in which we can all survive 

Instagram: naomiindahsari
Facebook: Naomi Indah Sari


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