Bandung, April 13th 2017 

14:04 WIB 

Hi readers, I really forgot that I had a friend who likes writing poem a lot. He was my partner at work. He knew that I was interested with poem, and then he sent to me his poems sometimes; but he always sent me poem when he was drunk. That’s ok. Lol. I hope you are always good, my friend; and let me share all of your poem that you sent to me.

I gave a title for this poem: 
SPRING by Tom Burkin

‚ÄčEngland, April 29th 2016 

02:16 am
Now where’s the spring in your step?

The flash in the pan,

the moth to the flame,

The leap in your frog,

Where’s he gone?

On a whim and prayer,

Probably nowhere that’s fair

Yet he does it to himself

One does it to us all. 


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Facebook: Naomi Indah Sari


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