Hellou readers, I’m Naomi Indah Sari. You may call me Naomi or Indah. Both are ok.

Well, it’s kinda a bit complicated to tell you about myself. Well I’m just an ordinary girl (as a woman, I still want to be called a girl. Lol) who loves to study, to read, hangout with friends, and also waiting for a prince who will marry me someday. Are you the one? Lol.

About my education background, it was a bit weird maybe. Ha-ha-ha When I was in Vocational High School, I was in accountancy major, FYI I didn’t like math & counting & I had no idea how could I was there. Lol. Then in University, I was in Broadcasting major. Please don’t laugh… But yes I wanted to be a presenter, TV host, news anchor, or whatever you call it. And finally that was never happened. Hahahaha it’s sad, isn’t it? Some recruitment staffs who interviewed me mostly said, “oh you look different from your pic,” or “well, I think your skin is too dark.” Well hellou, I’m Indonesian, why didn’t they accept me for who I am? Lol. FYI, in my country, Indonesia, most people think that having white skin, which means Chinese skin, caucasian skin (bule skin) are pretty. But hey… I think I’m pretty too with my olive/tan skin. I’m proud of it. Hahahaha then I studied Master Degree & took Business Communication/ Public Relations. And again, I didn’t like Business & PR that time. I studied in Master Degree because I thought I would be in Jurnalistic Major. But they canceled that major, so yeah… Fair enough.

I love Psychology, History (mostly about World War 2 & Hitler), Philosophy & Spiritual things. I’m curious about the mystery of reincarnation, I’m curious about people’s psychic, I’m curious about why most religious people are extremely fanatic & hate each others. We can talk & discuss about it on my next posts.

Well, I think that’s all about me. I hope every reader will get more wisdom, happiness, knowledge, and everything you wish. Have a nice reading… See you…

With Love,

Naomi Indah Sari 

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