Toxic People

Gresik, East Java, December 27th 2016.  05:40pm  Hi readers, on my blog before I shared an article about "how to deal with negative people". Today I'm sharing you an article from another blog that I follow about the strategies to deal with toxic people. Actually negative people and toxic people are similar. Both are same.... Continue Reading →


Gay’s Problem

Gresik, East Java, December 27th 2016.  05:20 pm  Hi readers, Today I reblog an article from another blog that I follow. How interesting when I'm imagining Harrisson from USA & Farid from Iran being connected & fall in love to each other. I don't know if this story is true or not, but it would... Continue Reading →

Another Christmas History

​Kudus, Central Java, December 24th 2016 00:45  This is another christmas history...  Merry Christmas everyone.... By: Matthew Vibbert Do you know anything about the history of Christmas? The Squire spent some time looking into some of the traditional elements of Christmas.  As we all know, Christmas is a religious holiday and is celebrated around the world. It... Continue Reading →

Christmas History

​Kudus, Central Java, December 24th 2016. 00:35 am  Hi readers, actually I'm feeling so sleepy right now; but I can't sleep straight away; so I'm sharing to you the article below about the history of Christmas.  Happy reading & merry Christmas.... From time to time much is made of “keeping Christ in Christmas.” The interesting... Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Vs Donald Trump

Bandung, November 24th 2016 06:00pm I copied this article from another blog that I follow. Haven't heard about Shakespeare for so long, and this article is interesting. Happy reading....😁 ​I’ve been preoccupied with two people this year. The first, of course, is William Shakespeare. The other, alack, is Donald Trump. I’ve avoided writing about the... Continue Reading →

Good Head, Good Character

​ A phrenology model showing where on the skull certain character traits are believed to come from. © Bridgeman Some time in the mid-19th century, the popular musical Florodora declared: “You must choose your wife with phrenological care. For the realm beneath her bonnet has your future mapped upon it.” Today, the idea of young... Continue Reading →

Unloved Daughters

Bandung, August 25th 2016 21:50 wib Hi readers, I just found an article on about unloved daughters. Talking about "unloved daughters", I think I'm one of them. But before I tell you about my story, lets read the article below. Happy reading... It’s a testament to both the centrality and complexity of the mother-daughter... Continue Reading →

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