Aneska: Violence makes me feel comfortable

Bandung, September 8th 2016 Hi readers, today I wanna share to you a case which happenned in early months of 2016. Suddenly that time I found a video about Aneska in dr. Phil show on youtube. And I was shocked and speechless when I watched that video. Can't believe a little girl like Aneska, 12 … Continue reading Aneska: Violence makes me feel comfortable


Unloved Daughters

Bandung, August 25th 2016 21:50 wib Hi readers, I just found an article on about unloved daughters. Talking about "unloved daughters", I think I'm one of them. But before I tell you about my story, lets read the article below. Happy reading... It’s a testament to both the centrality and complexity of the mother-daughter … Continue reading Unloved Daughters