Buku: Supernova 4, Partikel (Dee Lestari)

Bandung, 4 Januari 2018 Hi readers, setelah sebelumnya saya mereview novel Supernova seri "Ksatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh", kali ini saya mau loncat ke buku keempat yang berjudul Partikel yah. Entah kenapa supernova 2 (akar) & 3 (petir) saya ga tau gimana mau ngereview atau nulis summary-nya. Intinya sih akar dan petir sangat menarik, tapi... Continue Reading →


The 72 Angels of The Shemhamphorash

Subtitutes Names The substitute names are based upon the Torah and correspond to a system in which a different name is used depending upon its inferred use in scripture4. More common names include “Elohim”, “Shekhina”, “El Shaddai” (Shaddai is the name found on the mezuzah scroll) or even "Ha-Shem" (lit. “The Name”), There are many... Continue Reading →

The Gospel of Barnabas

Bandung, August 8th 2017 11:35 am Hi readers, I'm very happy because I just finished reading The Gospel of Barnabas. This book becomes a controversy to many religious people, especially Christian, and also including Islam since tens or hundred years ago. Before I tell you the history about The Gospel of Barnabas, you need to... Continue Reading →

Universal Religion

When I came to the works of Serge Benhayon, I was invited to look at my relationship with religion. At first, all I could do was worry – worry about what would be said about religion and the effect this would be having on the people around me, including myself. I seemed to carry an inner-tension I... Continue Reading →

Buku: Memetics (Eko Wijayanto)

Bandung, 4 Juli 2017 10:30pm Hi readers, kali ini saya mau share tentang buku yang sangat menarik yang saya pinjam dari teman saya yang berinisial DS. Buku ini digunakan oleh DS sebagai salah satu referensi untuk tesis S2 nya. Kami sering ngobrol dan diskusi tentang banyak hal, dan sering pula DS berdiskusi dengan saya tentang... Continue Reading →

Sexual Harrasment: Case Study in USA

Bandung, April 14th 2017  6:40pm  I found an article about the issue in USA which talk about sexual harrasment. I really concern about this topic, and I found this interesting article. Lets read it... Happy reading.....  ==================================== One of the most pernicious ideas in American life is that sexual harassment lawsuits are an example of political... Continue Reading →


I find myself caged, a confinement that can’t be broken, I stare deep into the mirror, but hit a blank wall painted as black as a raven; The noise gets louder and louder in the quietness of my mind, So many heads around, but I’m trapped in a solitude that’s one of a kind; As... Continue Reading →

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